How To Cook A Ham

Asking how to cook a ham is among one of the most common cooking questions you will hear these days. At the most basic level, cooking a piece of ham is simply about taking it out and putting it onto the grill. However, in order to bring out the true flavor of meat and enhance its taste, you need to truly learn how to cook a ham.

Firstly, storage of the ham itself is important in ensuring that it can be cooked optimally. Raw pork must be stored in temperatures not exceeding 40 degrees F. It should also be used within 3-5 days of the listed expiry date or should be frozen. Frozen ham should also be thawed for best results.

Thawing is a big part of how to cook a ham. The 2 usual methods are the refrigerator method and the cold water method. It is essential that you do not thaw your ham on your kitchen table. You do not want the outside of the ham to become thawed while the inside stays frozen.

Once you are done thawing, follow these simple guidelines on how to cook a ham. First of all, to make cleaning easier, you might want to line your roasting pan with aluminum foil. Take note not to add water into the roaster. Subsequently, you will want to cook your ham at a temperature of around 325 degrees F.

How to cook a ham is easy and you should start off by facing the fat side up and let the fat melt onto your ham. Turn it over halfway through to ensure even cooking. Bear in mind that you want to keep the ham as juicy as possible while cooking it so do not pierce or poke it with any sharp utensils while turning it. Another common mistake is also over-flipping. Turning the ham too often and too many times will result in a far less juicy piece of meat once you are done. Once complete, take it out of the oven for 15 minutes before slicing it. This makes it far easier to carve.

Although it is easy to learn how to cook a ham, try not to get sloppy in storing it too. No partially cooked pork must be stored in the fridge. Always ensure that your ham is fully cooked before storing.